Aaron specializes in portrait,headshot, and product photography.

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There's nothing more important to your brand than your headshot. Aaron has created headshots for actors, politicians, models, directors, artists, executives, veterans, poets, and others. A headshot is more than a closeup, it’s an expression of your character and serves as an iconic representation of your brand. Specializing in professional headshot services for actors, business professionals, and politicians, Aaron will make you feel comfortable while putting you in the best light.


Winning products deserve heroic images. Aaron has created content for magazines, online marketplaces, books, websites, flyers, t-shirts, billboards, Fortune 150 companies and startups. Whether you need isolated images on white backdrop for online marketplace use, fully styled iconic brand imagery, high-end bottle and beverage photography or catalog images with repeatable settings, you need a photographer with experience and professionalism.



Whether you are interested in applying for agency representation, are a freelance model or are just looking to create a personal portfolio, you need a photographer with experience and professionalism. Aaron has shot numerous modeling portfolio images for agencies, pageant winners, commercial use and even billboard campaigns. Depending on your needs, Aaron has several package options ranging from single location shoots to entire portfolio projects.

Meet Aaron



I prefer William Carlos Williams to William Shakespeare and Basquiat to Michelangelo. I don’t necessarily believe in astrology, but if you looked up ‘Capricorn’ there isn’t a lot in the description that I could deny. It’s easier for me to make friends than keep them and that bothers me a lot less than it used to. I’ve had more careers than most people have had jobs. I took my first picture in 1983 and my most recent picture yesterday and I still haven’t figured it all out.

I went to Paris to study abstract painting, New Mexico to study watercolors, and the streets of Detroit to learn music videos. I spent my 20’s in Colorado and my 30’s in Michigan, but I’m most at home in my mind. Jean-Luc Godard once said “Photography is truth” and I still believe that’s possible. Art saved my life. Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo.

I believe in the dignity of work. I’m confident but I prefer to be underestimated. Hire me and you get my full attention and effort.










“Headshots can be awkward, and extremely uncomfortable, even as a model. Aaron possesses all of the technical knowledge to take an incredible headshot, and the interpersonal skills to not only make you feel comfortable but to capture the best version of you.”

— Kristin

“THE premiere headshot, lifestyle, and product photographer in West Michigan, if not the entire Midwest. His versatility is unmatched, and a true pleasure to work with.”

— Phill

“Aaron was a joy to work with and provided an extremely professional yet comfortable atmosphere. Could not be happier with the finished product! If you need amazing looking headshots, this is the place to get them”

— Nate

“Aaron has a way of making a shoot very relaxing and fun. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work with him. Definitely would recommend to a friend and will be working with him again”

— Thom