There's nothing more important to your brand than your headshot. Aaron has created headshots for Actors, Politicians, Models, Directors, Artists, Executives, Veterans, and Poets. Let his expertise put you in the best light. 

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A cinematic headshot puts you in the scene. Often utilized by actors and models, the technique is reminiscent of a film closeup and is incredibly dynamic. When you have a specific role or look you want to highlight, a cinematic headshot can put you in the right light. Aaron learned the technique directly from it’s inventor, Dylan Patrick.

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Profile White/Black

A simple profile image for social media usage isn’t so simple. It takes practice and technique to achieve the look, and Aaron has shot this look many times. His background in product work serves him well in creating this look. If you need a simple, versatile headshot that works on a number of platforms, a profile white or black headshot is the right choice.

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Studio Lifestyle

Sometimes a headshot needs to communicate closeness and familiarity. Aaron’s lifestyle studio looks accomplish this by presenting a warm, welcoming environment with a directness that shows the subject. Achieving this look is more than a simple lighting setup, it’s requires the right kind of posing and expression and Aaron’s experience can bring this to light for you.